Friday, September 23, 2011

Women's Bodies - What Type Do You Like?

What kind of body do you like?

Do you prefer a girlish figure with narrow hips, a flat stomach, a small ass, little, perky breasts?

Or do you prefer a more womanly figure with rounder breasts, curvier hips, a slight roundness to her belly, and a nice, round ass?

Or would you rather see a woman with some meat on her bones? Big natural tits, lots of curves, plump tummy, and a nice, meaty behind?

The beauty of this world and the people in it is that we're not only all vastly unique in our own way, but we all like something different, too. There's something out there for everyone! Whether you like younger women, or older, super skinny or pleasingly plump, there's something out there to please you!

What kind of body do you prefer to see on a book cover? Does it depend on the story? Do you like to see the same thing every time? Don't be shy! Let me know what YOU like!

A Woman's Orgasm - What Does it Feel Like?

A lot of guys want to know what a woman's orgasm feels like. It's difficult to describe, but I'll do my best! it starts out as a kind of warmth that tightens underneath the clit. Then it slowly builds and builds, starting to pulsate rhythmically, spreading outward, enveloping the pussy and radiating out further until the whole area is tightened in this intense, pleasurable warmth.
Some women experience things a little differently. They may experience pleasure more intensely or less so, or they may feel things or describe things differently.

Also, with me at least, it feels different depending on how I have the orgasm. If it's through oral sex, it's more intense. With vaginal sex, it's more muted. With masturbation, it could be intense if it's done with no lubrication, or muted and longer lasting if it's done with lubrication.

I've always wondered what a male orgasm feels like, too. I suppose it's understandable to wonder what the other sex is feeling when you know it feels so incredible for you! I'd love to experience sex as a man just once so I could see what it's like!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Virgin Deflowering: Coming Soon!

I have a new series of stories coming soon. This series is called "Virgin Deflowering", and it all focuses on virgins' first times!

I love this particular topic. I remember my first time like it was yesterday. I remember every sound, every scent, every feeling, every moment. I will never forget it. I wish I could relive that moment over and over again.

What is is that's so hot about deflowering, anyway?

I personally like the subject, because there's something so sexy about a girl becoming a woman, about losing her innocence, about experiencing something so intimate for the very first time. It reminds me of my own first time, and how magical and erotic it was.

The first four stories in the series are coming soon. Below you'll find a sneak peek t the cover art for those first four stories in the series. What do you think?

Daddy Stories Anthology

By popular request, I've released a compilation of some of my hottest sex stories involving stepfather/stepdaughter sex. This is one of my personal favorite niches, and these stories made me crazy turned-on while I was writing them. I know you'll love them!

This collection features the following stories:

My Sweet Stepdaughter
Daddy’s Little Virgin
Touch Me, Daddy
Seducing Daddy
Pretty Little Showoff
My Drunk Stepsister

Get all six of these super hot stories in a single collection!

This collection is also coming soon to Amazon & Barnes & Noble. It's just waiting on approval at both!

Monday, September 5, 2011


I just wanted to announce that all of my stories are now available on Smashwords:

You can download any story in your preferred format, making them available for any e-reader, as well as in many formats for PC and Mac, too!

What Do Women Want?

How many fucking times have you heard this? "What do women want?"

That's like asking: "How long is a piece of string?"

Women are, just like any other group of humans or animals, vastly different from one another. Some of us are smart, others not so much. Some of us take care of our bodies, and some of us don't. Some of us like to get flowers and chocolates, and some of us think it's stupid. Some of us fall for the old chivalrous act, and others feel like that's outdated and chauvinistic.

Asking what women want is not useful.

If you want to know what a particular woman wants, there's one way to find out. Ask her. Spend time with her. Dig deep to find out what she likes and what she doesn't.

Here's an example...

Most guys seem to be under the impression that all women like mushy romantic stuff. While that may be true on occasion, it's not true 100% of the time. I, for example, don't particularly care for mushy stuff during sex. I like it at other times, but not during sex. Don't ask me why. I really have no idea. All I know is that I prefer my sex rough and wild like sandpaper and tigers, not soft and mushy like overripe bananas. *shrug* It's just how I feel.

Other women can't stand rough sex. They hate talking dirty. They want things slow and sensual. That's not me, but that is some women.

Don't try to lump women into a one-size-fits-all situation. It won't work. You have to treat women as individuals. Get to know them personally. Is it more work? Sure. But if you can get to know a woman well, she'll be putty in your hands. And isn't that ultimately what you men are looking for?

See what I did there? I said "what you men are looking for". That's the exact kind of generalization you want to avoid. Don't stereotype. Don't lump people in together. Get to know the individual. Being seen as human beings with individual personalities... that is what women want!

Alpha Males

What exactly is an alpha male, anyway?

Simply put, an alpha male is a man who is strong, virile, fiercely protective, and dominant. He's not overly emotional on the mushy side, but he's often jealous and possessive - sometimes to a fault.

What makes an alpha male so sexy?

Alpha males are exactly the type of man a female should want if she is interested in survival. In the wild, animals flock to alpha males for several reasons. For one thing, they tend to have strong genes. Thus, women want to mate with them in order to produce strong offspring. For another thing, they are usually very good providers, and can protect their families. They also bring status, because alpha males are usually dominant in their social circles.

Of course, we're not apes living in the wild, anymore. A lot of us provide for ourselves, defend ourselves, and aren't worried about gathering the perfect genetic material. So why do we find alpha males so attractive?

Alpha males are sexy. That's just all there is to it. There's something so hot about a strong guy who's willing to protect you with his life, and who never wants to let you go.

A lot of women get into trouble over alpha males. They're classic "bad boys", and they're often a bit violent. Unfortunately, this can have devastating consequences. Luckily, not all alpha males are violent to their women. And sometimes they're violent in a good way (meaning, only in consensual rough sex, which can be super hot!)

Let's face it. There's something inherently sexy about a man in charge, a man who isn't afraid to take control, a man who is as strong and protective as he is gorgeous. And no matter how much the meek little boys hate it, alpha males will always be sexy.

Want to read some super-raunchy hardcore erotica?