Friday, September 23, 2011

Women's Bodies - What Type Do You Like?

What kind of body do you like?

Do you prefer a girlish figure with narrow hips, a flat stomach, a small ass, little, perky breasts?

Or do you prefer a more womanly figure with rounder breasts, curvier hips, a slight roundness to her belly, and a nice, round ass?

Or would you rather see a woman with some meat on her bones? Big natural tits, lots of curves, plump tummy, and a nice, meaty behind?

The beauty of this world and the people in it is that we're not only all vastly unique in our own way, but we all like something different, too. There's something out there for everyone! Whether you like younger women, or older, super skinny or pleasingly plump, there's something out there to please you!

What kind of body do you prefer to see on a book cover? Does it depend on the story? Do you like to see the same thing every time? Don't be shy! Let me know what YOU like!


  1. That's an interesting question. In reality, I tend to notice a woman who is all natural with big breasts and big bum. On covers, it's more so long as there is something there in the breasts and hips.

    Reality or book, I don't care so much for the itty bitty - unless we're talking it fitting a character who is a pixie or something. ;)

  2. I prefer bigger breasts (natural or not doesn't really matter), and lot of curves! :-)

  3. Totally the middle girl or the bigger one. The skinny girls are to tight and breakable.

  4. I love them all but especially have a fondness for birthing hips and thick long nips.....Mmmmmmm.

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