Monday, September 5, 2011

Alpha Males

What exactly is an alpha male, anyway?

Simply put, an alpha male is a man who is strong, virile, fiercely protective, and dominant. He's not overly emotional on the mushy side, but he's often jealous and possessive - sometimes to a fault.

What makes an alpha male so sexy?

Alpha males are exactly the type of man a female should want if she is interested in survival. In the wild, animals flock to alpha males for several reasons. For one thing, they tend to have strong genes. Thus, women want to mate with them in order to produce strong offspring. For another thing, they are usually very good providers, and can protect their families. They also bring status, because alpha males are usually dominant in their social circles.

Of course, we're not apes living in the wild, anymore. A lot of us provide for ourselves, defend ourselves, and aren't worried about gathering the perfect genetic material. So why do we find alpha males so attractive?

Alpha males are sexy. That's just all there is to it. There's something so hot about a strong guy who's willing to protect you with his life, and who never wants to let you go.

A lot of women get into trouble over alpha males. They're classic "bad boys", and they're often a bit violent. Unfortunately, this can have devastating consequences. Luckily, not all alpha males are violent to their women. And sometimes they're violent in a good way (meaning, only in consensual rough sex, which can be super hot!)

Let's face it. There's something inherently sexy about a man in charge, a man who isn't afraid to take control, a man who is as strong and protective as he is gorgeous. And no matter how much the meek little boys hate it, alpha males will always be sexy.

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