Friday, September 23, 2011

A Woman's Orgasm - What Does it Feel Like?

A lot of guys want to know what a woman's orgasm feels like. It's difficult to describe, but I'll do my best! it starts out as a kind of warmth that tightens underneath the clit. Then it slowly builds and builds, starting to pulsate rhythmically, spreading outward, enveloping the pussy and radiating out further until the whole area is tightened in this intense, pleasurable warmth.
Some women experience things a little differently. They may experience pleasure more intensely or less so, or they may feel things or describe things differently.

Also, with me at least, it feels different depending on how I have the orgasm. If it's through oral sex, it's more intense. With vaginal sex, it's more muted. With masturbation, it could be intense if it's done with no lubrication, or muted and longer lasting if it's done with lubrication.

I've always wondered what a male orgasm feels like, too. I suppose it's understandable to wonder what the other sex is feeling when you know it feels so incredible for you! I'd love to experience sex as a man just once so I could see what it's like!


  1. The male orgasm... imagine a kettle boiling and it's a similar type of rhythm. You don't just cum. It builds and builds and then... Boom! - it explodes out of your body.

    By the way ladies, you need to make sure that you're pleasuring you're man for at least a good 20-30 seconds after the cum is out because it's agony when a girl just stops after you've cum.

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  3. I agree with Willy. The release isn't immediately over for a man. The pressure builds and the nut sack tightens up and then you explode and it lasts a little while. But, I think for most men myself included, you're done for a while. You can't immediately recharge. Especially as you get older. Fortunately, as you get older you can hold off cuming for a much longer period of time with the result of providing multiple orgasms to her. It seems a woman can have multiple orgasms sort of like wave after wave rolling on to the beach. Truely, women are sexually superior. And you can always tell when she an orgasm because her body will become slack and loose and completely still. And the fun thing is, if a guy can keep his hard on for a while he can just keep pumping and she can get aroused again and bingo, she climaxes again. That's not always possible for a guy especially as he gets older because once he orgasms he's probably done for a while.

    So the woman may be sexually superior but IMHO,it the man's Duty to see that she has climaxed hopefully several times. If not the man has failed in the sexual relationship. Just don't start something you can't finish.

  4. I heard a former porn star in an interview describe an orgasm as being rather like a sneeze. I thought that was a surprisingly on-the-nose way to describe it, when I thought about it.